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Tariq Khan’s debut album “Sugar N Spice” introduced one of the most successful dynamic singers in the British Asian music industry who went on to create waves worldwide. Hailing from Manchester, UK this prodigious bhangra pop singer recorded his debut album at a very tender age whilst studying for his engineering diploma. Tariq’s first remix album “Sugar N Spice” took him to the top of the Asian charts, which lead on to him receiving a gold disc for his remix Hindi album “sugar n spice” which sold over 40,000 copies worldwide. He was rapidly recognised as one of the countries most talented singer with outstanding vocals. He then went on to deliver hit after hit with albums such as “All things Nice, “ “Birds of Feathers,” “ Dil Main Ho Thum” which lead on to a collaboration with top music producers PIR on the hit album “Distant Voices” singing the smash hit track “Tenu bhole gaye nay yaar purnay” In a short span of time this super talented singer was voted the best newcomer in 1998 and then went on to receiving an award for the most fancy able Asian male in the bhangra industry and if this was not enough for the gifted singer he formed his own live band Legacy as he felt the time had come to do something original, something different and fresh. At the height of the Bhangra Phenomena Tariq Khan released his first album as Legacy “Mahi” the album was so successful worldwide that Legacy were inundated with request for the next album.

Tariq Khan went onto to releasing his second hit album “Red Alert” which featured the smash hit track “Soni Di Taveetre” the album enjoyed chart success worldwide and the title track “Soni di Tavetree” became an international anthem. 2002 saw one of the most acclaimed collaboration Tariq khan and the number one music maestro Sukhshinder Shinda the king of Punjabi productions with the huge hit album “Teray Sadqay” which staggered into the number one position in the charts world wide. The video for the album was one of the most broadcasted videos enjoying extensive airplay. Following the success of “Teray Sadqay” album Tariq khan became indispensable and his vocals became in demand featuring on other well-known artists, music producers and DJ’s album. Album such as “larger than life” with the track “Gur Nal Ishq” which was a hit worldwide and enjoyed the number one position in many charts nationally and internationally (check discography for album names). Hot in demand with his good looks, talent and huge fan following Tariq Khan lead to several modelling and acting offers but Tariq felt the time is not right for him as he wants to concentrate fully on his music career. Not just all all-handsome looks and six-pack this gifted singer has a flair for writing his own lyrics.

All the lyrics come straight from the artist heart. As well Writing, singing and producing his albums this super talented singer designs all his own clothes for his live performances and music videos. Tariq Khan co produces all his music videos ensuring he gives his fans the best videos, his role involves, casting the right model, dancers as well as choosing the concept for the video and locations etc.
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